Potassium Bicarbonate

Potassium Bicarbonate

  • CAS No.: 298-14-6
  • Molecular Formula: KHCO3
  • Agency: BP, USP
  • Certification: HALAL

Sujata Nutri Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Potassium bicarbonate CAS no. 298-14-6.

General description

Potassium bicarbonate is a commercially available nontoxic base frequently used as a reagent as well as a pH regulator in research and industrial applications.


A catalyst to synthesize dimethyl carbonate and propylene glycol from propylene oxide, supercritical carbon dioxide, and methanol. In this process, KHCO3 also acts as a drying agent.
A dopant in the epoxidation of propene in the presence of silica-supported vanadium oxide as a catalyst.
A carboxyl source to synthesize Z-5-alkylidene-2-oxazolidinones via Ag2CO3 catalyzed carboxylative cyclization of propargylic amines.

This medication is a mineral supplement used to treat or prevent low amounts of potassium in the blood. A normal level of potassium in the blood is important. Potassium helps your cells, kidneys, heart, muscles, and nerves work properly. Most people get enough potassium by eating a well-balanced diet.





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