Calcium Acetate

Calcium Acetate

  • CAS No.: 114460-21-8
  • Molecular Formula: (CH3CO2)2Ca
  • Agency: USP, BP

Sujata Nutri Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Calcium Acetate CAS no. 114460-21-8.

Uses of Calcium Acetate

Calcium acetate is primarily used to regulate the blood pressure of dialysis patients. Even though dialysis removes phosphate from an individual’s body, it may not prove enough. Hence, the use of calcium acetate tablets is other medications that can remove enough phosphate.

Besides, removing this excess phosphate prevents unsafe materials from gathering in the human body, and keep the bones strong. It also reduces the possibility of any heart diseases and strokes, which can occur due to high phosphate level. Calcium acetate holds this phosphate from the regular diet on patients and helps in passing it out of the human body.

Additionally, due to its inexpensive nature, calcium acetate was used as a starting material for acetone synthesis. However, after the introduction of the cumene process, this practice has stopped. The chemical formula of this process is, Ca (CH3COO)2 → CaCO3(s) + (CH3)2CO.

Tofu is traditionally prepared by soy milk and calcium sulphate. However, calcium acetate has proved to be a better alternative for this purpose. It is soluble and requires a smaller amount.

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