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Anhydrous Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate

Anhydrous Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate

  • CAS No.: 7558-79-4
  • Molecular Formula: Na2HPO4
  • Agency: BP

Sujata Nutri Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Anhydrous Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate CAS no. 7558-79-4.

General Description

Dibasic Sodium Phosphate is a common pharmaceutical chemical having a white crystal-like appearance. One of many sodium phosphates, Di Sodium Phosphate is an inorganic sodium compound with a dihydrogen phosphate anion Na2HPO4.Hydrate is any compound that contains water of crystallization and when a hydrate contains one mole of water per mole of compound, we obtain a monohydrate.


Anhydrous Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate is typically used as a phosphate buffer system component for biomolecule downstream chromatography steps or final liquid formulation.



Molecular Formula


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