Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid

  • CAS No.: 144-62-7
  • Molecular Formula: HO2CCO2H
  • Agency: USP

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General description

Oxalic acid is present as potential impurity in some active pharmaceutical ingredients. Oxalic Acid is the simplest dicarboxylic acid with the IUPAC name Ethanedioic Acid and a molecular formula of HOOC – COOHIt is also known as Oxiric acid. It is a colourless crystalline acid which dissolves in water, forming a colourless solution.


It is used in wastewater treatment to remove the calcium deposit.

In lanthanide chemistry, it is used as an important reagent.

It was used in the synthesis of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous metal oxides or carbonates via templating with polystyrene spheres. It was employed as supporting electrolyte during electrochemical synthesis of polyaniline-polypyrrole composite coatings.

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