Citric Acid Monohydrate

Citric Acid Monohydrate

  • CAS No.: 5949-29-1
  • Molecular Formula: HOC(COOH)(CH2COOH)2 · H2O
  • Agency: USP, BP, IP

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General description

Citric acid monohydrate is an organic acid. Its molar enthalpy of solution in water has been reported to be ΔsolHm (298.15K, m = 0.0203molkg-1) = (29061±123)Jmol-1. It can be produced by crystallization from mother liquor of citric acid solution at 20-25°C during citric acid synthesis. An investigation of its crystal growth kinetics indicates that growth is linearly dependent on size.


It was used in the preparation of citric acid solution employed in the acetone method of 68Ga pre-purification and radiolabeling technique.
It may be used:
As release-modifying agent to improve the release of diltiazem hydrochloride from melt extruded Eudragit RS PO tablets.
To prepare citrate buffer for use in the preparation of platelets for intravital microscopy.
To prepare Tris-citrate buffer employed for the electrophoresis of bacterial enzymes.



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