Sodium Nitrate

Sodium Nitrate

  • CAS No.: 7631‐99‐4
  • Molecular Formula: NaNO3
  • Certification: FSSAI

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General Description

Sodium nitrate is a chemical compound with the formula NaNO3. It is an alkali metal nitrate salt and is also known as Chile saltpeter.
This mineral is also known as nitratine, nitrate, or soda niter. Sodium nitrate is found in large deposits in Chile and is used to distinguish it from ordinary saltpeter and potassium nitrate.


As a fertilizer, acts as a storage vessel for nitrogen. Nitrogen stimulates overall plant growth, giving fullness to leaves, stems, and roots.
The pharmaceutical industry also uses sodium nitrate as a preservative, sometimes adding it in eye drops and in medicines as a control compound since it contains nitrogen.
The tough, shiny outer coating of glass and pottery enamel is often due to sodium nitrate. Immersion in a sodium nitrate bath increases textile strength.



Molecular Formula


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