Ammonium Formate

Ammonium Formate

  • CAS No.: 540-69-2
  • Molecular Formula: HCO2NH4
  • Agency: USP

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General description

Ammonium formate is an ammonium salt of formic acid. It is a cheap and promising N-formylating agent for various amines (secondary and aniline). Its anhydrous form may be employed as a catalyst for the synthesis of various amino derivatives from aliphatic and aromatic compounds. Ammonium formate can be used as a source to produce ammonia. It can also be used in the reductive alkylation of amines.


Ammonium formate may be employed in the following studies:
Deprotection of N-benzyl derivatives of amino acids and amines to afford free amino acids and amines.
Conversion of α, β-unsaturated nitroalkenes to the corresponding oximes.
Preparation of nitriles.Ammonium formate is an ammonium salt of formic acid.



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