QC Chemist

QC Chemist

Job Description:
Quality control chemists are chemists who are specially trained in procedures to evaluate and maintain quality control standards in a laboratory. They perform routine daily testing and inspections of lab equipment and materials. They ensure compliance with all applicable federal standards and regulations, along with adherence to internal quality guidelines and protocol. They also provide a range of support services and assist lab technicians and other staff. They investigate and research any abnormalities or non-compliant results. They are responsible for maintaining thorough and organized records and documentation.
Sujata Nutri Pharma
Perform laboratory tests pre- and post- analytic phases
Sample preparation & dispensing
Produce accurate and reliable data and interprete results
Perform task as per standard SOPs related to QC
While we believe we are more than just numbers, the depth of our laboratories is pretty impressive.

Req. Experience:

0-3 Years


B.Sc. / M.Sc. Chemistry



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